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20-26 JULY 2013


Why the long face?

A woman was fined for taking a horse into a McDonald's in Greater Manchester, UK. But she wasn't trying to make a statement about the horsemeat scandal: she just couldn't get served at the drive-through.


Get together and feel all right

Get up, stand up for the annual Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The globally popular musical genre went back to its roots, featuring stars such as Bob Marley's son Damian and Beenie Man. Jamming!


Royal bundle of joy

Forget all other news - except things to do with education, of course: the royal baby and future British monarch arrived on this day. A big old TES congrats to mother and tot. Have they put his name down for Eton yet?


University challenge

Politicians have aired concerns that too few black teenagers attend top institutions. But figures released today showed that white teenagers in the UK are less likely to apply to university than any other ethnic group.


Eureka moments

"That's a nice dog you have there, Pavlov." The recreation of famous scientific experiments of the past was set to be a highlight of the 24th International Congress of History of Science happening this week in Manchester, UK.


Planet rock

Musicians broke out the bongos and the nose flutes as the 31st annual Womad world music festival kicked off in Wiltshire, UK, featuring the strains of DJ Bingly Bongly and Fromage En Feu among others.


A bolt from the blue

The UK government has relaxed tax rules to entice top athletes to the Diamond League athletics event at the London Olympic Stadium. But will Jamaican sprinting superstar Usain Bolt be there tonight?

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27 JULY - 2 AUGUST 2013


Making a fast buck

With the royal baby's arrival, Buckingham Palace's annual opening - which starts today - should be more popular than ever. Just don't tell the tourists that the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't actually live there.


The great war remembered

It's 99 years today since the outbreak of the First World War. Explaining how Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination led to the Battle of the Somme is difficult but it's a challenge most history teachers will relish.


Board to tears

Summer hols already getting boring? Check out the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US. Categories include fantasy, diplomacy, tile-laying and empire-building. Anyone for Cluedo?


Fever pitch

They think it's all over. it is now: lacking any more recent footballing glories, the English will today celebrate the anniversary of that 1966 World Cup win over Germany. Roll on Brazil 2014.


Bid for literary history

A handwritten manuscript of Joseph Conrad's Typhoon will be the centrepiece of a sale of the writer's first editions, letters and proofs at Sotheby's in London. The sale includes Sylvia Plath's copy of Lord Jim.


Bowled over

Cricket whites on, umbrellas out: Australia and England gear up for the third Ashes trophy test match at Old Trafford. But with England leading by two matches, the Aussies will have their work cut out.


Breast is best campaign

It's what all babies - royal and non-royal - have been waiting for: World Breastfeeding Week will be on to its second day, with the aim of encouraging the practice, especially in developing countries.

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