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The partnerships between schools and writers featured in these pages show how working with writers benefits schools by developing creativity and raising standards, at both primary and secondary level and across the curriculum.

Several of these exciting projects were kick-started or encouraged by Writing Together, which last year held a programme of teachers' conferences to inspire and promote good practice for working with writers.

Writing Together aims to ensure that during their life at school every child has opportunities to work with writers who inspire them to write creatively. Literature charities (Booktrust, The Poetry Society and The National Association of Writers in Education) work in partnership with the QCA, the National Strategies, Arts Council England and the DfES to achieve this.

Writing Together offers schools advice and models for the planning and evaluation of successful projects involving writers, introduces them to working with literature development agencies and promotes the benefits of longer-term residencies.

Read on to find out how even a day visit can open up new possibilities for teachers and pupils, and how Writing Together plans to support schools in the coming year.

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