A welcome chance to reward our managers

Sue Devereux has welcomed the opportunity of looking at the management structure of her Liverpool primary.

The head of Banks Road school, Garston, said: "We are a relatively small school and it has not been so important for us. But in some big primary and secondary schools you can see that some of the management positions have become redundant, and some people with management allowances are getting them for doing not very much.

"But you've also got to give schools more time to make the changes. It does seem to have been a bit rushed."

She admits the process was made easier for her following the departure of one senior staff member, meaning that there were enough teaching and learning responsibility payments to go around the remaining staff.

She said: "The school's new staffing structure has all been drawn up and there's not been a lot of upheaval. I have not had any objections from my teachers about the changes.

"I have three teachers currently receiving management allowances, who are ideal for the new TLR roles.

"They will be doing pretty much the same job under another name. They will also be better off by between pound;450 and pound;700 a year each.

"I'm lucky because I initially had four teachers with management allowances but one left, which saved us from a difficult decision. Under the new structure there wouldn't have been enough TLR positions for four teachers."

Barbara Crossley, a key stage 2 coordinator at Banks Road, said: "It is clear that my role is changing and I have taken on more responsibilities. I coordinate ICT and the transition from primary to secondary school, and also forge business and international links. I think the changes are necessary. It makes everything much more flexible."

Ms Devereux, however, also sounded a note of caution. "Now we have to wait and see what the Government does with the policy," she said. "You really just don't know what they will do next."

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