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'Welcome to the machine'

Norbert Barclay, 47, is a part-time IT lecturer in the trades union studies department at Lewisham college in south London.

Eventually, he would like to become a trades union trainer.

Mr Barclay, 47, is currently on a casual contract to teach basic computer skills for about 10 hours a week and is paid pound;17 an hour.

He has a background in electronic engineering, computer hardware maintenance and technical drawing.

One of his roles is to go out to workplaces and help to teach people about their computer equipment.

"I take the machine in there and let them pull it apart and get a real feel for the machine and see what makes it tick," he says. "My other part-time colleagues and I are quite a tight bunch and we try to share whatever work there is between us."

Mr Barclay wants toenrol on a certificate in education course.

He is married and has two sons and needs to supplement his income by servicing car stereos and children's computer games.

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