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Well, almost;Letter

The National Conference of Parent-Teacher Associations has never claimed to represent all schools and parent-teacher associations (TES, May 16).

Unfortunately, The TES did not ring any of our 11,500 members to ask if they had heard of us.

Likewise, we have rung 20 parent-teacher associations, and surprise, surprise, they had not heard of The TES.

Perhaps this suggests the NCPTA and The TES need to work together to ensure that every PTA reads The TES and has an opportunity to join the NCPTA.

If David Blunkett intends to carry out his pledge to give parents more rights and involvement in their child's education, we need to seek ways of providing more information to support them.

In the past two weeks, seven schools have received a total sum of pound;2,000 in Good Practice Awards to spend on children's education. It is a pity The TES Diary did not speak to them.

Calls in this week have been for support on school transport, insurance, home education, after-school clubs, head lice, and assisted places.

All were helped, all part of our service.

There has never been a time since John Patten (a former Education Secretary) when NCPTA was needed more.

MARGARET MORRISSEY Press and public relations officer NCPTA 2 Ebbsfleet Estate Stonebridge Road Gravesend Kent

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