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Welsh history

GOLWG AR GYMRU YN OES VICTORIAWALES IN THE VICTORIAN AGE. By Russell Grigg and Catrin Stevens. CBACWJEC pound;21.95. Tel: 029 2026 5112.

"Veno is the hero of the hour amongst the sick and suffering of Wales." Such is the claim in one of the 30 carefully selected sources in this bilingual resource pack.

It covers the whole of Wales and spans the Victorian age. Sources include advertisements, photographs, maps, engravings, cartoons and other documents.

This wealth of historical evidence provides a rich and rewarding basis for eploring the past. The accompanying teacher's handbook with photocopiable bilingual background information is equally rewarding. It provides clear and concise guidance on the use of each source and a context or rationale followed by enquiry questions.

Suggestions for in-depth use of each source and links to other sources in the pack will be welcomed by teachers in Wales and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Toni Schiavone is humanities adviser and secondary advisers team leader, CYNNAL (Gwynedd Ynys MonConwy LEAs)

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