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Welsh trainees win salaries

TEACHERS training in Wales are also to earn salaries while studying. But those in Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to miss out, writes Warwick Mansell.

Rosemary Butler, Welsh Assembly secretary for education and children, this week announced plans for a scheme similar to the one in England.

Students on postgraduate certificate in education courses will benefit, with those in shortage subjects receiving extra cash. The assembly has not yet announced the salary levels, how much the cheme will cost and whether all PGCE students will be eligible.

Welsh training providers have experienced many of the recruitment difficulties of their colleagues in England. But in Scotland, where applications continue to outstrip places on both PGCE and undergraduate courses, there are no firm plans to introduce the incentives.

Leading figures north of the border appeared to be unconcerned that Scots could be tempted by salaries to study in England.

Welsh curriculum, 23

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