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We're not fools on pensions

It would be really heartening just once to read an honest account of what the UK Government is offering teachers in pensions "negotiations". Sadly, (English) schools minister Nick Gibb's article was not (TESS, 25 November).

The blatant dishonesty of the government claim, which Mr Gibb repeats, that teachers will be able to access better pensions as a result of the Government's offer, is a sad reflection on both him and the Government he serves. It also speaks volumes about the disdain he has for the teaching profession in thinking that such assertions might persuade teachers of the claim's validity.

Let's put the record straight: for a teacher earning pound;37,000 to receive a pension of pound;25,200, they would have to have worked without a break of service (so that rules out a very large percentage of women) until the age of 68. A teacher earning pound;37,000 and retiring at the age of 60 under present circumstances would receive a pension of pound;19,100. If that same teacher were to retire at 60 under the Government's proposed scheme, their pension would be pound;13,800, which represents a clear cut of pound;5,300.

Please don't take us for fools, Mr Gibb.

John Walder, Canterbury.

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