Were you paying attention?

1 A retired Danish history professor is going to re-create the battle of Austerlitz with 6,100 model soldiers. What will be his next subject?

a Waterloo b GotterdAmmerung c Hamlet d The Liberal Democrats

2 In his new year message, Tony Blair says that critical decisions will have to be got right. What else should he get right?

a Education b Education c And education d All of the above

3 After David Cameron calls Gordon Brown a creature from the past, Harriet Harman accuses him of leading the Tories up a "blind alley of shallow personal abuse". What do teachers say?

a Uurgh!

b I've got a spare pair of Wellington boots c At least he's leading from the front d It's better than bottling it up

4 Bob Geldof is now global poverty consultant for the Tory party. What do Labour members say?

a Uurgh!

b He's a creature from the past c Now there's someone who really knows about shallow personal abuse d It's a Boomtown Rat joining a sinking ship

5 JK Rowling is writing the final Harry Potter book this year. What will it be called?

a Harry Potter and the blind alley of shallow personal abuse b Harry Potter and the retired Danish history professor c Harry Potter and the creature from the past d Harry Potter and the critical decision that has to be got right

QUIZ ANSWERS: 1a, 2d, 3a, 4b, 5c

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