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Were you paying attention?

1 Silvio Berlusconi has suggested that poor people should work harder. What do poor people think?

a !!?XXX!!

b ((***

c ??@!

d All of the above

2 Foreign drivers are to be clamped if they break the law. What will the drivers say?

a What do you mean, on the left?

b Merde!

c Schweinhund!

d Diplomatic immunity, amigo. Heh, heh, heh

3 There are new bylaws are aimed at controlling professional dog-walkers.

What do the walkers say?

a I'll have to clean up my act

b I'll have to clean up their act

c Merde!

d Schweinhund!

4 The Pope has been given an iPod by employees of Vatican Radio. What will he listen to?

a A still small voice

b Highlights of the latest auto-da-fe

c The Da Vinci Code

d Berlusconi reading the Sermon on the Mount

5 We now spend more time surfing the net than we do watching television.

What do we do on it?

a Website-hop. There must be something good on here somewhere

b Buy DVDs of last year's TV programmes c Enter forums discussing how awful TV is these days

d Just stare at it mindlessly for hours on end

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