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Were you paying attention?

1 A study has shown that Catholic pupils are more likely to believe in horoscopes. Why is this?

a Because God put that fish in the sky for a reason b Just checking c To be sure to avoid the occasions of sin d Or possibly not

2 The signing of Magna Carta has been voted most popular date for a national day. What does King John say?

a I thought a baron was an Irish drum b It'll all come out in the wash c I thought it was for accident insurance d Nothing. He's dead

3 The amount of homework set has fallen significantly in the last decade.

What does this mean?

a Pupils have more time to become well-rounded human beings b Pupils have more time to sin c Pupils think a baron is an Irish drum d Pupils think King John is a 50-ft gorilla with a brother in New York

4 The Government has drawn up guidelines for healthy school meals. Why?

a Because they put that fish in the pie for a reason b They're worried about students becoming too well-rounded c Out of deep concern for juvenile nutrition d Because Jamie Oliver made them really embarrassed

5 Road signs in Ireland are going to be written in several languages. Why?

a In case King John wants to find a short cut b Out of deep concern for international navigation c Because it's a long way to Tipperary, especially if you're Bulgarian d Have you tried reading Gaelic?

ANSWERS 1a,2d,3b,4d,5c

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