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Were you paying attention?

1 Oasis' Definitely, Maybe has been voted best album ever. What do the Gallagher brothers say?

a Absolutely spiffing

b Jolly good show

c X!**"%!

d The Beatles should have won

2 Alan Johnson wants to be Labour's next deputy leader. What do teachers say?

a Alan who?

b Easy come, easy go

c Next

d At least he can speak English

3 Gerry Adams has been struck off the guest list of a Che Guevara exhibition at the VA museum.

What does Adams say?

a It's a beard thing

b X!**"%!

c Nothing definite, but he takes an awfully long time to say that

d The Pogues should have won

4 A survey shows that Britons don't talk to each other. What do Britons have to say about this?




d None of the above

5 A Spanish court has given a divorced man the right to visit his dog. What does the dog say?

a Woof

b She's so much happier now. Ouch!

c Welcome to the hospitality of my house, Senor

d Julio Iglesias should have won

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