Were you paying attention?

1 In China a woman's dog crashed during a driving lesson. What does the woman say?

a Drivies!

b Don't keep stopping at the lamp-posts

c That is not what the gear stick is for

d Neither is that

2 Scientists have shown that couples whose lips are the same size are more likely to stay together. What do couples say?

a We stayed together through thick and thin

b Collagen saved our marriage

c Our lips met across a crowded room

d I lied when I said size doesn't matter

3 Councils are secretly putting surveillance chips in wheelie bins. What do they find?

a A load of rubbish

b More chips

c Used collagen

d Chewed up driving manuals in Chinese

4 Keith Richards is facing a pound;50 fine for smoking during a Rolling Stones gig in Glasgow. What was the legendary rocker doing?

a A drag act

b Smokin'

c Showing off his lips

d Not worrying very much about a pound;50 fine

5 Channel 4 has been accused of being too downmarket. What are the new season highlights?

a A Load of Rubbish

b Chinese Dogs do the Funniest Things

c Lip-Size Island

d When Stars Inhale

Answers: 1b, 2c, 3a, 4d, 5a

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