Were you paying attention?

1 A French survey has found that being overweight can affect intelligence.

How can they tell?

a French intellectuals are all thin, so that they look good in black polo necks

b French people are thinner than Americans

c French surveyors are thin

d All the best things in French life are thin: baguettes, saucisson, Beaujolais

2 A poll shows that 22 per cent of Britons would rather have been born in France. Why?

a They want to be intellectuals in black polo necks

b They want to be like Peter Mayle

c They don't want to be like Peter Mayle

d France has a better national anthem

3 Teenagers are getting back pain from carrying heavy schoolbooks. What do teenagers say?

a Homework can seriously damage your health

b At least It stops me getting fat

c I want to wear a black polo neck when I grow up

d Can I sue?

4 Levi's has started producing sustainable jeans. What will jeans wearers think?

a Green jeans? I don't think so

b Yes, but will I still be rugged?

c Is it safe to wear them in the rain?

d Will they go with a sustainable back polo neck?

5 The US population has just topped 300m. Where will this end?

a I dread to think

b In a very large McDonald's bank account

c In tears

d In therapy

QUIZ ANSWERS: 1a, 2d, 3c, 4b, 5a

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