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Were you paying attention?

1 A Yorkshire firm has lost the right to produce feta cheese, which can now only be made in Greece. What would Socrates say?

a This is a great day for Greek goats b I'm a hemlock man myself c This calls for an olive, Plato d Where's Yorkshire?

2 Latin is to be taught in schools using interactive DVDs. What do teachers say?

a Cui bono, eh?

b Down tools, comrades c Shouldn't they learn English first?

d It's all Greek to me

3 A third of teachers resign within five years of starting. What do pupils say?

a Habeas corpus b Modus operandi c Ipso facto d Non compos mentis

4 Six Bulgarian beavers have been released in Gloucestershire. What does Ratty say?

a This is a great day for Bulgarian beavers b Down teeth, comrades c Where can I get an interactive Bulgarian DVD?

d Where's Bulgaria?

5 The government plans to give secondary schools greater control over their curriculums. What will they add?

a Gladiatorial combat b Bulgarian dam-building techniques c Greek cheese-making techniques d Interactive geography

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