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Wet, wet, wet

We're sorry to have to report another leak from the Scottish School Board Association - well not so much a leak from, more a leak on.

The association had asked Fred Forrester, lately number two in the Educational Institute of Scotland, to let it have his views on the outcome of the teachers' negotiations and Higher Still. In the middle of his talk, water began to pour down through the ceiling of Glasgow's Central Hotel.

Fred escaped. In fact, the water seemed to know exactly who to target as the spout picked out with remarkable perfection the figre of Ann Hill, the SSBA's chief executive, whose handbag was drenched. The room was quickly vacated: the roof caving in on the SSBA is surely the last thing anyone wants.

Hill can be forgiven for feeling wary on these occasions. We recorded in May last year how she was returning to her seat from the podium, just at the moment when Donald Macdonald, head of Newtonmore primary and an SSBA executive member, greeted Jotter with one hand and pulled her chair away from her with the other.

Hill horizontal or wet - it's not much of a choice.

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