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Wha's like us

As the writer of the lyric about William Wallace referred to in Joseph Kelly's article on the teaching of Scottish history (TESS, August 16), I am disappointed at his dismissive sentiment. To give the background to the song, it was written for St Elizabeth's primary, Hamilton, to supplement a project on the Scottish wars of independence. It was then adopted by the boys of the Scottish Schools' Football Association, not as their song for Euro 96, but as their own anthem.

Of the course the song is "superpatriotic": what else could it be, given that it tells of a small country successfully defending itself against a much larger, aggressive and brutal neighbour. And it's only a song, albeit a good one, not an objective history.

Every country in the world has its heroes. Few if any were saints, but people revere their memories to give them pride in the past and hope for their future. Scotland deserves no less, and teachers of Scottish history and culture must inculcate in pupils that same pride and hope.

MICHAEL TONER Holy Cross High School Hamilton

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