What about the parents at the gate?

Your memory must be failing if you feel able to write in your editorial of September 20 that there is "absolutely no support for specialist schools".

During the recent debate, TESS published a number of articles arguing for diversity. Also, it can't be that you are paraphrasing the results of the debate. My own submission called for diversity as did several others (still available on the debate website).

Of course, it is entirely predictable that power will make invisible those views that do not suit its agenda. In a similar way at the local level, parents' ideas and suggestions for change are silenced and treated with contempt.

The physical sign, "No parents beyond this point", no longer hangs at the school door but the sentiment of these words is strongly implied.

Maybe it is the case that most people want the present system to continue with only minor changes, but that doesn't mean that those of us who disagree are happy to subject ourselves to the tyranny of the majority.

Here's a challenge. If the establishment is so sure of the people's love for the current system then it will have nothing to lose by issuing full value vouchers for parents to spend on education.

Let's see what provision arises from this move. Only then will parents and children be able to declare a meaningful choice.

Ostap Melnick

Lister Gardens


Opinion, page 25

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