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What can I do?

Advice for teachers who have a chronically ill child in their class

* Find out about the condition

* Keep in touch with the child's home and hospital, and supply work where appropriate

* Help classmates keep in touch

Physical difficulties

* Will climbing stairscarrying a bag writing and drawing be problematic?

* Would it help to have two sets of textbooks, one kept at home?

* Does medication affect the child's mood or ability to concentrate?

Curriculum and timetable difficulties

* What work has been missed?

* Are any tests due that the child does not know of?

* Have classrooms and teachers changed?

Pastoral and social issues

* Does the child want classmates to know about his or her condition?

* Has the child's appearance changed?

* Are there signs of teasing and bullying?

* Will clubs and teams welcome the child back?

* Even if a child is not up to par, can he or she still join a squad, choir or band?

Source: the Chelsea Children's Hospital school, London

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