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What a cheek

Q: A senior teacher in my department was talking to me after a staff training session in our office. He left the room briefly, and I turned to plug in my laptop. He then re-entered the room, slapped my bottom and ran out. I was shocked. He returned a couple of seconds later smirking and said: "I rather enjoyed that," and then left as quickly as he'd entered. When I first started at the school, another teacher in my department told me that he smacked her bottom. She told the then head of department and sent the slapper a note, informing him that she had told someone and to warn him never to do it again. He apologised to me and passed his actions off as a "bit of fun". I don't want to get into a situation where the school finds out and I'm placed on trial. What's the best course of action?

A: This is tricky. Clearly he shouldn't have slapped your bottom, but I wouldn't take it any further unless it happens again. You'll know what feels the best way to play it, but a little air of don't-you-dare-do-that-again, or who-do-you-think I am distance wouldn't go amiss. That way you won't have to talk about it and deal with the accompanying embarrassment.

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