What do we want? Support, not strikes

As many teachers search their consciences over whether to take industrial action in the coming months, I would like to make them aware of alternatives. Strike action is disruptive, destructive and divisive. It puts teachers in the position of compromising their principles and professional standards. Staff work hard to build trusting relationships with students and their families. Strike action jeopardises those relationships.

School staff have a choice and alternative associations can provide them with all the benefits of a union without expecting them to strike. I am a member of Professional Support for School Staff, an independent company operating across the North of England, offering protection and advice to teachers and support staff. Such associations are a positive addition to the range of professional services available to school staff, serving to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of members while enhancing the image of teachers and support staff.

Luke Snell, Member of Professional Support for School Staff.

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