What flows from oil

What We Consume series, Nigeria. By Lizbeth Chidley and Yomi Noibi WWF UK with Bedford College of Higher Education Pounds 9.95 plus postage Age range: 12 plus

This book is part of a 10-unit series, supported by a teachers' handbook. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the materials have been trialled in school with 12 to 14-year-olds over a period of about 10 weeks. The project team consists of eight teachers working in the Bedford-Milton Keynes-Luton area, backed up by a research assistant who has clearly done much time-consuming leg-work.

The result is a unit which has the feel of a practising teachers' resource. It is notably direct and practical and has many applications from key stage 3 to the post-16 years. Those who teach geography, world studies, environmental science or current affairs will find this unit good value for money.

The book's 10 sections focus on the consequences for Nigeria of oil-related developments; an emphasis which gives direction and strength to the whole book. Each section begins with a telling quotation, itself a useful starter for debate, followed by a clear statement of the section's educational purposes, and advice to teachers. These include high-quality text, statistics, maps and diagrams, cartoons, press cuttings, role-plays, discussion frameworks and questions. Extension work is suggested, also short reading lists. The whole-page photographic section is disappointing and could be omitted.

This is a book about development to make one think. As a study of Nigeria for key stage 3 and 4 pupils, it has at present no equal.

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