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What heads say about Fresh Start

WOULD you be a pound;100,000 super head and run a Fresh Start school?

Eric Melvin, head of Currie community high in Edinburgh. "Every school has its challenges and the idea of some super hero taking over is not on our agenda."

Martyn Vickers, Danum school, Doncaster: "We mustn't be blinded by our egos. Heads are deluding themselves if they think pound;100,000 and a short-term contract is going to change the culture of a school."

Sir Bruce Liddington, f the Northampton school for boys, East Midlands: "I am in favour of Fresh Start. But I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe that 'super heads' would actually have any real power as opposed to influence."

Gareth Jones, head of Bryn Celynnog comprehensive, Wales: "It would be an interesting challenge but ... extra money does not necessarily solve the problem. It can make it easier but on its own money alone won't solve anything."

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