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What the hull teachers say about the Dome

Marie McClelland, head of St St Oswald's and St Anne's RC primary, Hull:

"It was a wonderful experience for the children, a museum with a difference. They were enthused and bowled over by its sheer size.

"We started in the Faith Zone, a good place for a Catholic school to start. Because of the crowd we did not get into as many exhibits as we would have liked, but some did manage to try out the morphing machine, which predicts what you will look like at 60. I would have loved to see myself at 90 - - but not in front of the children."

Sue Clough, head, Dorchester primary:

"The children were amazed by the sheer size of it all. Overawed might be the best word to describe their reaction.

"We managed to get into the Body Zone which, although they really enjoyed, lost out to the spectacular show.

"We will be concentrating on the language aspect andhave much to discuss about fictional and non-fictional writing."

Lucy McKevitt, Year 5 and 6 teacher at St Oswald's and St Anne's RC primary:

"Everything was exciting - we didn't know where to look because there was so much going on. We were thankful for the Rest Zone, where we could lie down in curvy places.Staff were helpful and always seemed to have a smile on their faces.

Wendy Jolliffe, deputy head, Bude Park primary:

"The children found it breathtaking and particularly enjoyed the Body and Mind Zone. We got a lot out of it and intend to do follow-up work in English and prepare a presentation for the rest of the school."

Maggie McGlinchey, deputy head, Cleeve primary:

"It lends itself brilliantly to all kinds of writing. The Dome is a brilliant stimulus that gives the children lots of ideas for follow-up work back at school."

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