What I like... and adults don't

Ibrahim Adekunle, 11, was in Year 6, at Newington Green Junior School in North London when this interview was done. I love computer games. So do all the other children. Why? It takes your mind off things that are bothering you. It's fun.

Beat 'em up games are the best. It's funny. Say someone bothers you at school, you can just picture the person and then beat them up as much as you like. You can transfer all your aggression.

But I do think some people spend too much time playing computer games, and could miss out on part of their education. If they go home and play games and just forget about their homework, they don't know what to do the next day when the teacher asks them a question about their work.

If you take games to school, teachers just take them away from you - even when you're not playing them! I think computer games are very addictive. When you play them you just forget about everything else. The good thing is that you don't get into trouble out on the streets - like some boys can.

I've got loads of games: some are gifts, some I bought after mum gave me money, some are from exchanges with my friends. Computer games could be an adult thing, but I'm not sure. Adults might not be into these games and might think they are a waste of time and money. I think I will still play these games when I am an adult. It'll help me keep the childhood side going.

I also like watching TV and reading comics. I don't read books that much - just Iron Man and X-Men comic books. The best thing about them is that they are gory. I think adults read comics but not as much as children do. I also like funny things. Robin Williams makes me laugh.

Gillian Antwi-Bosiko, 9, is now in Year 5 at St Francis Primary School, in Peckham, south London. She is a reporter with Children's Express.

I prefer drawing much more than writing, but when I draw, my mum tells me to get on with my homework instead. I like drawing people and animals. I'm good at drawing and it's more interesting than my homework.

My favourite thing to do when I get home from school is watching TV. When I watch TV pro-grammes that seem to be right for my age, my mum always says I shouldn't watch it - but I do understand it. I like The Ricki Lake Show and the X-Files. I would sit and watch TV all night if I could. I think adults forget what it's like to sit and watch TV.

I read magazines - my mum says they are too old for me and that I won't understand them, and that I'm wasting my time, when I could be doing homework instead.

I like junk food but I never get to eat it 'cause my mum always says that junk food spoils your heart and makes you sick and unhealthy. I always eat healthy food, but I'd love to eat junk food during the holidays. I like all types of music, except rock 'n' roll. I think the beat's too hard. My favourite band is 3T. I also like the Jackson Five and Janet Jackson. Most of the songs talk about things that happen when you're a teenager and my mum is always telling me "you're not a teenager yet".

Adults have very strange musical taste. They listen to things like country music. They are always in the past. I think adults are so different because times are changing and they grew up in a time when it was always soft music and that country music

Children's Express is a is a charity programme of learning through journalism for children aged eight to 18. Inquiries to: Children's Express, Exmouth House, Pine Street, London EC1 0JH.

Editor Iran Maqbool, 15, interviewed Gillian and Ibrahim, assisted by reporters Senab Adekunle, 13, and Selina Gibson, 13.

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