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What pay can I expect?

However well prepared you are, there are bound to be problems in the first year of your teaching career. Whatever it is that's keeping you awake at night or sobbing on the school secretary's shoulder, our experts can lend a hand

Q: As a newly qualified teacher, will I get paid a full month's wage at the end of September? I am employed from the 1st and get paid around the middle of the month. I am confused as to how the system works.

A: If you are employed from September 1, you will receive pay from that date.

Normally, teachers are paid at the end of the month. However, in recognition of the problems new teachers face when starting their first job, some local authorities either advance the September payment to the middle of the month or pay it in two parts. Ask when your October pay will arrive; you could have to wait for six weeks until the end of the month for your second pay cheque.

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