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What the teachers say...

"FAREWELL to the days of the partial use of evidence, intemperate comment, the focusing on the negative and a chief inspector ignoring the wealth of talent and expertise in schools. I am looking forward to a new era of continuing rigour but also of fair representation of the workings of our schools - an age of reasoned debate."

Brian Rossiter, Valley school, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

HE led OFSTED well and put a lot of energy into his job. League tables and inspection reports had a big impact on standards. But he could have worked harder in keeping teachers on board. Accusing thousands of teachers of being incompetent was rash and there is not much evidence to substantiate this. The next step now is to appoint someone who can work with David Blunkett and bring in a less abrasive style.

Sir Alan Davies, Copland communit school, Brent

"HIS departure is a loss to the education system. He is a man of rigour and clarity of mind, unswervingly devoted to improving standards. He has done terrific work. (His resignation is a result of) a clash between professionalism and politics - he was being pushed by people who had political imperatives."

Michael St John Parker, Abingdon (independent) school, Oxfordshire

"HE made a considerable contribution to raising standards. But his forthright style alienated a vast number of teachers. It is to teachers' credit that they remain dedicated to their children."

Christine Bowen, head, Mottram St Andrew primary, Cheshire.

"I welcome the news and I am positive that I will not be in a minority of headteachers."

David Winters, headteacher, Oval primary, Croydon

Maureen McTaggart

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