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What teachers think of the national curriculum

66 per cent believe it is too prescriptive.

35 per cent believe it makes pupil behaviour harder to manage.

63 per cent say they prepare pupils for exams at the expense of deeper learning.

65 per cent think schools should be allowed to teach creationism.

33 per cent think pupils should be allowed to drop citizenship at 14.

68 per cent think students should learn what it means to be British.

74 per cent think new technology has improved their lessons.

41 per cent think languages should be compulsory until 16.

55 per cent want to set their own curriculum.

10 per cent want the curriculum to be scrapped.

68 per cent support government plans to curb GCSE coursework.

50 per cent think they should be allowed to drop RE at 14.

36 per cent think they should learn the national anthem.

28 per cent believe pupils should start formal education at six.

500 classroom teachers and 100 heads were surveyed by telephone for The TES curriculum poll, carried out by FDS in October.

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