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What teachers will earn


Queniborough primary school, near Leicester.


Chris Davis,51, head for 16 years is on point 16 of the leadership scale, earning pound;41,241. He will now be paid around pound;42,700.

"Every year, the pay rise is just enough to keep us here but not enough to make a real difference to our life, or put a smile on our face."


Sharon Deackes, 43, deputy head with 23 years' experience, earns pound;31,398, on point 5 of the leadership scale. She will get pound;32,500.

"When I heard about the Scottish award I thought: 'Wow, this should make the review body take notice.' But the rise means pound;15 a week more, which is ridiculous."


Maureen Eames, 50, (main picture) is on point 9, earning pound;24,000. She will earn pound;24,800.

"If you work out the hourly rate,I feel like I am being paid a cleaner's wages. I came into teaching in my 40s expecting great things. The future looked bright. It hasn't really happened."


Emma Spiers, 26, teaching for three years, earns pound;17,844 and can expect pound;18,800.

"The rise gives me about pound;40 a month after tax - enough for a good night out, without a curry. I love my job but the Government takes advantage of that."


Stuart Edmonds, 22, earns pound;16,050. He will now get pound;17,000.

"I drive the same L-reg car I had at university and this rise isn't much. I don't know how people with mortgages and kids manage.Working 60-plus hours weekly,I'm almost on the minimum wage" SECONDARY

Mil Hill county high school, Barnet, north London (see story above left).All salaries include pound;1,500 London weighting set to rise to nearly pound;2,000.


Adel Shirbini, 38, teaches geography and maths and has many responsibilities. He earns pound;33,500 (point nine plus 4.5). Having crossed the threshold, he is set to earn nearly pound;37,000 "You sometimes think, Was it all worth it with the increase in workload and bureaucracy? You question if you have made the right decision."


Colin Benjamin, 52, French teacher for 30 years, earns pound;27,000. Including the pound;2,000 threshold rise, he will earn pound;30,000.

"Any rise is very welcome but it is hardly going to change my life. It is a small reward but it is not going to solve the recruitment problem. They are not going to do that unless they give a thumping good starting salary to new staff."


Angela Moore, 28, has taught dance and drama for three years. She earns pound;21,000 (point 5 plus a responsibility point) and will get at least pound;22,000.

"The bigger London weighting still won't compensate for the cost of living here. I owe pound;8,000 in student loans, my take-home pay is pound;1,300 and my rent and loan payments are pound;900 in even before I pay for things like food. It is never-ending."


Ben See, 24, is teaching English and currently earns pound;17,500. He will be getting just under pound;19,000.

"A pound;500 increase in my London allowance will not go very far. It will be nice to have more money, although I do not think it will go far in London. Teaching is what I want to do - so I would have done it whatever the money."

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