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What we would lose in quango cull ..

The demise of the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) may be imminent ("Here come the cuts", May 21), but its departure would be a real loss to effective management of examinations. The major changes in exams and qualifications in the past few years, such as the introduction of the Diploma, have been managed in our schools by examinations officers, but with real and practical help from the QCDA.

As an exams officer, my first concern is that pupils are not hampered in any way by a process or change in the administrative procedures. The complexity of differing exam boards, demanding timetables, special consideration issues, as well as the difficulties that can arise when results are announced, are real issues.

QCDA has provided practical support and advice to meet this challenge, and it's been delivered by people who clearly have an insight into how the administrative side of schools really work.

Joanne Berry, Examinations officer, Easingwold School, Easingwold, York.

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