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Mangotsfield's entry for TES Newsday 2004 was produced by a group of able Year 10 and Year 12 pupils. However, over the years, thousands of remarkable newspapers created for Newsday show that its appeal spans the whole age and ability range.

Producing a newspaper doesn't require state-of-the-art equipment. Pupils need PCs to word-process their copy. A digital camera and a scanner are useful. Nowadays, an internet connection is probably essential as free online news services, such as google news, offer the easiest and most effective way of keeping up to speed with the day's big stories. In an ideal world, pupils would have access to an A3 colour printer. In reality, most of them have to settle for colour A4 print-offs which are then enlarged on the school photocopier.

There will not be another TES Newsday until March 2005, but the organiser Brian Robinson has arranged a similar - if less prestigious - event for June 10 of this year. He is also planning a Newsday pitched at modern language teachers, in which newspapers have to be written in a language other than English.

He's also ready to advise any other subject specialists who want to initiate their own class-based Newsdays devoted to specific areas of the curriculum - for example, a newspaper for October 14, 1066.

Of course, a newspaper isn't the only medium available to pupils. In fact, the TES Newsday also includes a category for news websites which pupils can create using Dreamweaver MX. For more details on how it's done visit: To see the winning news website in 2003 visit: www.eicmarbella.orgtes_newsindex.htm.

If schools have the necessary hardware they could also experiment with producing their own radio or television news round-ups.

For more information on Newsday and useful tips on producing a newspaper visit (where you can also download a file with support materials in case you missed the TES Newsday CD-Rom). Brian Robinson can be contacted via this website or by writing to Newsday, PO Box 163, Redcar, TS10 1WY

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