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This week's top 10 downloads from TES Connect include resources featuring dinosaurs, Cinderella and pop warbler Emeli Sande. Don't say we don't bring you variety .

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1. Fairy-tale bingo

What is it? A bingo game that uses written descriptions of characters from fairy tales

Who is it for? 5-7s

Why is it hot? Cleverly differentiated and adaptable for starters, plenaries or to support lesson activities.


2. The life of Guru Nanak

What is it? Presentations and activities about the life and stories of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism

Who is it for? 4-11s

Why is it hot? Simple yet informative PowerPoints reinforced with an activity booklet.


3. Circulatory system worksheet

What is it? A cloze (fill-in-the-gaps) worksheet on the body's circulatory system

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? An easy-to-use resource in which key words are emphasised in the text and understanding is assessed with a diagram.


4. Pentomino problems

What is it? An introduction to pentominoes with follow-up activities

Who is it for? 11-14s

Why is it hot? Student-friendly problem-solving activities that are motivating and fun.


5. Dinosaur facts

What is it? A text about dinosaurs with comprehension questions

Who is it for? 5-7s

Why is it hot? A well-presented worksheet that integrates literacy.


6. Shape and symmetry guide

What is it? A colourful, illustrated information sheet about symmetry and 2D and 3D shapes

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? Attractive desk prompts support students' learning with interesting facts and simple explanations.


7. Weather and climate

What is it? An interactive whiteboard presentation for an introductory lesson on weather and climate

Who is it for? 12-14s

Why is it hot? Presents key words with creative activities to get students thinking about weather and climate.


8. Improving writing in history

What is it? A literacy guide for historical writing

Who is it for? 11-16s

Why is it hot? An easy-to-use literacy mat to remind students of common connectives, writing tips and source evaluation skills.


9. Piece of the pie

What is it? Worksheets on how to draw a pie chart

Who is it for? 11-16s

Why is it hot? Differentiated worksheets with a variety of questions to test students' understanding.


10. Next to Emeli

What is it? Sheet music for an ensemble performance of Emeli Sande's song Next to Me

Who is it for? 11-16s

Why is it hot? Easy to read, suitable for all abilities and adaptable for whole-class or small-group performances.


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Tes Editorial

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