What's hot?

This week's pick of the resources available on TES Connect taps into childhood passions for dinosaurs, computer games and the Star Wars films. `Impressive. Most impressive,' as a certain helmeted villain has been known to observe

1. Dino details

What is it? Fact file templates about dinosaurs

Who is it for? 4-7s

Why is it hot? In this easily adaptable activity, children compile information about dinosaurs by drawing, writing or sticking in pictures.

2. English essentials

What is it? Overviews of national curriculum statutory requirements for English

Who is it for? 5-11s

Why is it hot? With appendices for each year group, these planning documents explain key changes to be implemented in England from September.

3. Capturing sculpture

What is it? A PowerPoint to introduce a topic on sculpture

Who is it for? 5-11s

Why is it hot? Includes notes on vocabulary, resources and objectives, as well as images to stimulate discussion.

4. Problem shared

What is it? A plan and resources for a lesson on halving numbers

Who is it for? 5-7s

Why is it hot? Plenty of moving around the classroom and working in small groups.

5. Come write with me

What is it? A creative-writing resource that plays on the format of television show Come Dine with Me

Who is it for? 7-14s

Why is it hot? Encourages reluctant writers to create stories with all the right ingredients for success.

6. Galactic grammar

What is it? A worksheet and presentation to recap the different uses of apostrophes

Who is it for? 11-13s

Why is it hot? Wittily appropriates famous lines from the Star Wars film franchise: "Do not underestimate the power of the apostrophe."

7. Use your loaf

What is it? A set of resources for food technology lessons on subjects including bread, fair trade, and health and nutrition

Who is it for? 14-16s

Why is it hot? These workbooks contain objectives, notes and activities for each lesson, as well as end-of-topic tests.

8. Future planning

What is it? A worksheet for practising percentages

Who is it for? 14-16s

Why is it hot? Students must calculate reverse percentages in order to work out how much money they will need to earn for the lifestyle they want to have in a decade's time.

9. Hi society

What is it? A Spanish reading comprehension pack on various aspects of society, designed for the Scottish curriculum

Who is it for? 16-18s

Why is it hot? The 12 texts are followed by questions in English and Spanish, and by translation exercises to test students' comprehension.

10. Mighty microbes

What is it? A revision map on microbes

Who is it for? 11-13s

Why is it hot? Students create their own summary of the different types of microbes, their uses and how the body reacts to them by completing diagrams and graphs.

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