What's hot?

This week's pick of resources available on TES Connect covers an impressively diverse range of subjects. Whether you want German composers or multiplying by 10, we've got you covered

1. Les couleurs

What is it? A set of posters to teach colours in French

Who is it for? 5-11s

Why is it hot? This quick-reference display explains how the spelling of a colour changes according to the gender and number of objects it is used to describe.

2. By the book

What is it? Bookmarks explaining how "and", "but", "so", "because" and "if" should be used

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? A handy way of reminding your students of the differences between these five common conjunctions.

3. Spell it out

What is it? Spelling word searches

Who is it for? 5-7s

Why is it hot? These puzzles support the spelling rules for Year 1 in England's new primary national curriculum.

4. On a roll

What is it? A strategy to develop questioning skills

Who is it for? 7-16s

Why is it hot? Students use home-made dice printed with questioning words to challenge each other.

5. Power play

What is it? Three worksheets to introduce multiplying and dividing by powers of 10

Who is it for? 7-13s

Why is it hot? Simple rules support gradual progression from working with tens and hundreds to decimal numbers.

6. Geography imagery

What is it? Key subject words for use in geography displays

Who is it for? 11-13s

Why is it hot? Spice up your displays with these colourful illustrations of 70 key words.

7. Feminist review

What is it? A revision resource on equal rights for women

Who is it for? 14-16s

Why is it hot? Remind students about the changing roles of women over time with this summary sheet of definitions, facts and observations.

8. A handle on Handel

What is it? A revision worksheet on the composer Handel

Who is it for? 14-16s

Why is it hot? Bring a little harmony to lessons with these questions on melody, instrumentation and texture.

9. Distilled ideas

What is it? A differentiated activity on distillation

Who is it for? 11-13s

Why is it hot? These worksheets outline the six steps of distillation with pictures and captions to complete.

10. Thoughtful theatre

What is it? Templates for revision notes on Elizabethan theatre

Who is it for? 16-18s

Why is it hot? Students can consolidate knowledge of 16th-century set design, acting style and more with this compare-and-contrast activity.

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