What's hot?

This week's pick of TES resources hits the jackpot with map-work bingo, a rap-themed lesson on Muhammad Ali and a French class on chocolate-making with a Roald Dahl twist

1 Write on

What is it? A set of writing templates for the letters of the alphabet

Who is it for? 3-7s

Why is it hot? Students can perfect their lower-case letters with these simple guides.


2 Adding with Arthur

What is it? A colourful counting worksheet

Who is it for? 3-7s

Why is it hot? Addition exercises are livened up with this worksheet using characters from the television show Arthur.


3 Spot the country

What is it? A French worksheet about Europe

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? Students will be challenged by these activities introducing European countries and their languages in French.


4 On the wind

What is it? A story presentation about seed dispersal

Who is it for? 7-11s

Why is it hot? This visually impressive presentation uses a story format to show how different plants disperse seeds.


5 Pacifism with punch

What is it? A lesson on Vietnam and Muhammad Ali

Who is it for? 11-14s

Why is it hot? Writing a rap on pacifism and war is an unusual way to approach a serious topic.

bit.lyPacifism WithPunch

6 Get your bearings

What is it? Map-work activities

Who is it for? 11-14s

Why is it hot? This lesson plan on mapping offers a wealth of innovative ideas.

bit.lyGetYour Bearings

7 Sweet stuff

What is it? A French unit of work on chocolate

Who is it for? 11-14s

Why is it hot? Mixes fun elements from the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with real-world issues.


8 Matters of the heart

What is it? A guide to dissection

Who is it for? 11-16s

Why is it hot? Introduces the inner workings of the heart.


9 In the beginning

What is it? A religious studies lesson on stewardship

Who is it for? 14-16s

Why is it hot? Students learn about Jewish perspectives on creationism.


10 Sweet harmony

What is it? A worksheet on rearranging equations

Who is it for? 16-18s

Why is it hot? Tests students on skills such as drawing graphs.


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