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What's on offer

What is Curriculum Online?

A Government-run website that helps schools pick registered educational software and materials. Teachers who like a product are linked to the maker's website where they can buy it.

What's on it?

More than 17,000 items, including lesson plans, CD-Roms and interactive videos.

When did it start?

It was launched last Thursday at

How much will it cost? The Government is giving schools around pound;100 million a year for three years to spend on it, and 10 per cent of products are free.

What is Digital Curriculum?

A BBC website with a range of multimedia material based on the national curriculum.

What's on it?

A range of resources such as video, interactive games, animation, printable worksheets, text pages and illustrations.

When does it start?

Autumn 2004, at the earliest.

How much will it cost?

It will be free, although licence-payers will help to fund the service.

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