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What's on offer

Since we first ran this survey in April 2002 more and more local education authorities are offering incentives to attract new teachers. These days the perks fall broadly into two categories: those that are standard across the LEA and a raft of goodies offered at the discretion of individual schools.

Career development remains a priority for many. Authorities continue to respond with 106 mentioning their training programmes. Around 50 of these offer MA accreditation for their induction and more are getting on board.

Grants towards training are sometimes available, usually at the school's discretion.

Housing is another issue where many authorities, especially in the South, offer help. This year participation in the starter home iInitiative has gone up. Loans are available and some areas also have various links with housing associations, council accommodation and smaller independent schemes which offer below market rate rents. Areas in the North have less to offer, however affordable accommodation - both to rent and buy - is more easily available.

Throughout the country there are discretionary incentives such as early start salaries, recruitment and retention points and golden hellos. Check with individual schools to see what they have to offer. This also applies to other perks: relocation allowances, subsidised health, travel, leisure, childcare and even flu jabs. Take some time to see who will look after you the best.

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