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Roll out the foundation phase for three to seven-year-olds from 2008 backed by pound;10 million investment every year

Expand childcare provision with free part-time childcare for all two-year-olds in the most disadvantaged communities

Extend the choice of courses available for 14 to 19-year-olds and make FE institutions "centres of excellence" for vocational and skills training

Expand the RAISE programme of grants to schools in deprived areas

Develop a curriculum for seven to 14-year-olds

Continue rolling out the Welsh bac so that by 2011 all 14-19s will be able to study it

Increase the number of Modern Apprenticeships to 25,000 per year

Continue to expand the free school breakfast scheme

Invest pound;20 million in the youth service? Apply wide-ranging reforms, following the major review of FE

Fit all new and refurbished schools with sprinklers.


Give basic core funding directly to schools on a three-year cycle

Close the funding gap between English and Welsh schools by 2011

Invest in a programme of professional development for teachers, teaching assistants and governors

Encourage the development of specialist schools and support faith schools

Introduce a scheme to match-fund local authority capital spending and encourage use of private finance initiative or community trusts to improve school buildings

Create a strengthened network of school nurses

Ensure greater emphasis of personal and social education

Abolish the requirement to provide free school breakfasts and focus more on after-school clubs

Give teachers more responsibility over their classrooms

Use the new powers to call for a vocation-based curriculum for all 14 to 16-year-olds who want it

Encourage LAs to create an IT strategy in which Wales is a world leader.


Guarantee average primary class sizes of fewer than 25 and work to 25 as the maximum class size by the end of Assembly term

Extend the availability of free part-time care for two-year-olds

Teachers to be able to afford homes through a key-worker housing scheme

Recognise learning support assistants through salary and career structures

Examine further development of the Welsh baccalaureate alongside the international bac

Develop schools for the community

Introduce new nutritional standards for school meals

Develop national anti-bullying guidance with the government taking a lead role

Guarantee at least the present financial support to Welsh students in Welsh HE institutions up to 2011

Ensure funding for school buildings

Improve co-working between schools and colleges.


Give all 11-year-olds a laptop on entry to secondary school

Replace A-levels and GCSEs with a Welsh baccalaureate based on the international bac

Make education and training compulsory up to age 18

Create a national Welsh-medium education strategy

Ensure pupils with special needs have access to the provision they need

One school nurse for every secondary school, and its associated primary, as well as creating a school-based dental service

Pilot the introduction of free school meals for primary children

Direct more resources to PE

Invest in mental health services

A flexible and holistic framework for looked-after children, with every school having a designated teacher for children in care

Support students who graduate from Welsh universities and work in Wales for five years by paying their student loans for that period, and continue to rule out top-up fees.

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