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What's the score?

Every child should be able to learn an instrument said David Blunkett. But will he be able to fulfill his promise? Dorothy Lepkowska on the results of a TES survey of local authorities.


* A third of English LEAs do not believe David Blunkett's plans to safeguard school music services will increase participation * Schools in one in ten LEAs have no access to a public music service * Fewer than one in ten pupils receive regular instrumental lessons * Most LEAs have cut back on full-time instrumental teachers, but there has been a big increase in part-time staff * Two in three councils report growing difficulties in recruiting instrumental teachers * Nine out of ten LEAs charge for instrumental lessons * Average charges have increased by more than 40 per cent since 1995 * The average charge is Pounds 54.70 per term * Around one in ten pupils receive subsidised lessons WALES

* Access to music services is higher than in England and Scotland * About one in ten pupils receive weekly lessons * The average music charge is Pounds 23 per term SCOTLAND

* Nearly one in six (16 per cent) pupils have weekly lessons - the highest in Britain * The average charge is Pounds 38.30 per term * More than a quarter of pupils have subsidised lessons

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