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What's Welsh for bean counter?

ARE YOU numerate, with an interest in education? You may be just the person the Audit Commission is looking for ... but only if your Welsh is up to speed.

School governors in Denbighshire want the commission to check how the county council allocates its cash.

Colin Hughes, chairperson of the Denbighshire Governors' Association, suspects the county underspends its education budget and wants the commission's number crunchers to investigate.

The authority is soon to be inspected by the Welsh inspectorate and it is not unusual for the commission to take part too. But chief inspector Susan Lewis said its services would not be required as the team inspecting Denbighshire would need to be bilingual. Alas the commission has no suitably-qualified Welsh speakers.

The Welsh nationalists' party Plaid Cymru was baffled. A spokesman said that financial audit could be done by a non-Welsh speaker and translated.

Now the Welsh Language Board has got involved. On Tuesday it had a word with the commission and has been assured that steps will be taken to recruit a bilingual inspector.

So there is a vacancy and you heard about it here first. Put in a speedy application and your first job will be in Denbighshire.

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