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What's in a word?

Writing reports is considered a chore by many teachers, but I always loved doing them. It's your chance to say something warm or funny about every child.

With some children, it can be a struggle to say something positive, or to say anything interesting at all, but reports are an important business.

Parents will read and re-read your every word. I still remember what my PE teacher said about me (woolly-minded), and you might remember what your teachers said about you - so enjoy writing them. Gerald Haigh's advice on getting them done is excellent.

Elsewhere in the newsletter, you can read about the benefits of doing international volunteer work and helping your form through the revision season. After all that, you might like to curl up on the sofa and watch another school film classic - see the back page.

I hope your Easter break has been relaxing - can you believe it's nearly the Summer term?

Fiona Flynn: editor


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