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When inspectors call and call and call again

In reply to Philippa Wadsworth's query (TES, May 2) I feel I can claim to have been "OFSTOOD" even more than she has. In February, 1994, I was inspected in my roles as teacher and head of maths at a Bristol school. Later in the same year the University of the West of England School of Education was inspected. At the time I was a teacher fellow with them lecturing to BEd students and was also senior professional tutor for PGCE students in my own school.

I was inspected in both these roles. The next year my own children's school was inspected. I just happened at this point to be deputy chair of governors and chair of the curriculum sub-committee of said school and yes, you've guessed it, I was inspected in these roles as well. Have you ever felt got at?

MALCOLM HANSON, 11 Willow Close, Long Ashton, Bristol

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