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When the talking has to start

In his letter last week, Peter Duncan, the principal of Central College in Glasgow, says that my article on the O'Donovan employment tribunal case involving the college "contains many inaccuracies and gross exaggerations about the case".

He does not substantiate his claim with reference to any specific comment from my article.

I sat through the entire case at the tribunal and made extensive notes of the witness evidence. I stand by the accuracy of my notes and I am not convinced that anything I wrote in the article is at variance with the tenor of the evidence that was given. Perhaps it's just that Mr Duncan has a more elastic definition than me as to what an analogy is.

Mr Duncan continues to claim that the case concerned bullying and harassment. The tribunal did not agree. Its judgment stated that no reasonable employer could have taken such a view.

My main concern in all of this is to see an improvement in industrial relations in the colleges. I would urge the management and the unions at Central College to stop sniping at each other and discuss seriously what they can do to bring about improved industrial relations in the college which would be to the benefit of all concerned.

Joe Eyre Old Castle Road, Glasgow

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