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Where am I?

A Portaloo overtakes us followed by cooking equipment, pots, pans and our luggage. They are strapped on to slightly-built porters, who, fleet in sandalled feet, effortlessly skim along narrow pathways with sheer drops on either side. Hearts pumping, we trudge along behind at an average altitude of 12,000 feet. Ancient temple ruins of increasing significance mark our route but it appears to have been raining pink toilet paper. On the fourth day, the Dead Woman conquered, we reach the greatest site of all, a mysterious lost city perched on a remote mountaintop.

Valerie Hall

The first reader to guess where Valerie Hall is wins a copy of Children Just Like Me by Anabel and Barnabas Kindersley. Answers on a postcard to Where Am I? The TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1 9XY Vivien Robertson of Bishop Auckland, County Durham wins last week's prize with the answer of St Petersburg.

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