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Where do I begin?

Can I expect to start as an NQT on anything more than the basic starting salary point of M1?

The bottom point on the scale is where most new entrants are placed, but there are allowances and even different scales for those in the London area. Schools may also offer recruitment inducements, although the rules about these are changing. Many local authorities offer deals that include payment for part or all of the summer holiday, loans for season tickets or early payment of the first month's salary. If you have worked before training as a teacher you can try to negotiate a higher starting point.

LEAs or schools may pay one or more extra points for your experience outside teaching, and in the past some have deemed bringing up a family as relevant experience. If you think you qualify, get advice from your union, which should be able to tell you about local practice in this area. But extra points are discretionary and not guaranteed. With the new six-point main scale they may be harder to achieve than in the past.

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