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Where do I start?

Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs

I'm unsure if I've passed my induction year. I did one term, then a few weeks on supply, and now another whole term with a new school - all in Wales. No one knows if this is enough to pass induction. Can you help?

Wales doesn't have any rules that say you must complete an induction period; though, from September 2003, all NQTs will have to. Although you haven't "passed" induction, you have no further hurdles to cross if you stay in Wales. If you want to teach in England, you'll be exempt from the need to undergo statutory induction as you've taught in Wales for two terms. If you want to check, look it up - paragraph 2 of Annex E of the DfES induction circular.

I need to put together evidence to gain accreditation for prior learning for my PGCE in foundation stage and key stage 1. What should I include? Most of my experience is as a nursery nurse.

Under the new standards for qualified teacher status that come into effect in September, people can be accredited for their prior learning and experience. This may mean there are parts of the course that you won't need to do in such depth, so you can spend your time addressing areas that you're not so good at. Your trainers will be looking at whether you are on the way to meeting any of the QTS standards before the course as a result of your nursery experience. The difficulty lies in the gradations of criteria - but you can always know more and do things even better.

Get a folder and organise evidence such as your CV and job descriptions around each of the standards. Use the new ones on For instance, standard 1.2, which says make sure you "treat pupils consistently, with respect and consideration, and are concerned for their development as learners" is probably something you've already done. As evidence, you could cite some examples and back them up with the signature of someone you've worked for.

Think of all the little things you do, the way you talk that shows you treat children with respect and consideration. Note down instances of how you react when someone does something wrong or is ill.

Don't exaggerate what you know and can do. Repeating things can also be beneficial.

Are you a student or NQT? Email your questions to: Sara Bubb's A Newly Qualified Teacher's Manual: how to meet the induction standards is published by David Fulton, pound;15

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