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Where to get the best training

Dr Leaton Gray is right to expose the absence of a direct relationship between quality and cost when it comes to continuing professional development for teachers ("Training courses branded a rip-off", TES April 29).

I am constantly amazed at the exorbitant fees asked for some professional development opportunities for teachers.

In many schools, participation in training remains a lottery and the budget is insufficient.

In this climate, poor quality andor overpricing is hugely frustrating especially when supply cover usually adds to the enrolment costs!

It is no surprise that Dr Gray found that CPD provided by trade unions was often rated more highly than that staged by private companies.

The National Union of Teachers' CPD workshops, seminars and conferences consistently receive positive evaluations from teachers and our minimal charges are a real bonus to schools!

Steve Sinnott General secretary National Union of Teachers Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1

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