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Where the pain will hit

David Henderson reports on a mounting backlash in the Borders against 'disgraceful' cuts to the education service

* Community centres - 540 groups use centres weekly, or 12,000 regular users. For every hour of paid staff time, there is around 10 hours of voluntary workers' time.

* Youth work - up to 1,700 young people in weekly clubs could be hit, including 270 on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which is supported in schools by paid staff. Support for around 100 voluntary workers could be lost.

* Basic education - a total of 210 adults are on essential skills programmes backed by 29 volunteer tutors who need 18 hours of training before they can begin work.

* Community-based learning - 310 learners are studying basic computer skills and 48 women returners and people with mental and physical health problems are on special courses. Another 204 are on health and well-being courses.

* Information and advice - 8,500 enquiries about learning opportunities, volunteering and other activities, backed by 447 guidance interviews.

* Family learning project - 121 parents in seven targeted primaries have taken part and 27 have had individual guidance interviews.

* Social inclusion - continuing education has been the lead agency in bringing in pound;760,000 over the past three years. Work on youth information, drugs and alcohol, tenancy support and other areas. may suffer.

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