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Where's the Scots?

I AM a fourth-year BEd student at the Jordanhill campus of Strathclyde University studying primary school teaching. I am presently investigating the use of Scots language within the primary school. I would be grateful for any views on this controversial subject from readers.

Children in France study French literature, German children study German literature

and even closer to home, in England, children study English literature. So why is it here in Scotland, our children are lacking in the study of their own literature and culture?

There are Gaelic units in some of our schools, but where is the "Scots" education? Should ur teachers be promoting the use of Scots language in the primary school, allowing phrases such as "the wee dug" within the classroom? Is this a true reflection of our Scottish culture and identity? On the other hand, do parents want their children arriving home talking about "hunners" as opposed to "hundreds"?

There are many pieces of Scottish literature available, that are modern and relevant, taking the focus away from our old favourites of Rabbie. Are our schools using them?

Sandra Thom

4 Gainburn Crescent



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