Where's the thanks

So David Blunkett, the Education and Employment Secretary, has written to all schoolteachers saying how much he values them and how valuable their work is. While agreeing with the sentiment, I cannot help thinking that no similar gesture is forthcoming for the hard-pressed, much maligned and generally ignored FE sector.

With financial restraints, increased numbers of students, fewer staff and rising tides of bureaucracy, FE always seems to be the poor relation. Most college staff are struggling to cope with enrolments, induction, new syllabuses and guidelines, at a time when many colleges have reducing staff numbers. This latter fact has been caused by the need for many colleges to save money.

A letter of support or even a public acknowledgement of support by Mr Blunkett would not go amiss: come on David, how about saying something positive to all FE staff?

Carole Williams


Low Common

Swardeston, Norwich

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